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I'm kiwi now, not the fruit, not the bird, no, not even from New Zealand. But we all have one thing in common: we are all fans of nature. On top of that I have the new hybrid resilient technology that combines a wood based coreboard with premium waterproof innovation that will turn heads and floors!

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I pleasantly light up the entire room and can be put to a range of uses.

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I'm every rooms darling.

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What is hybrid resilient?arrow-down

It’s not just vinyl, and it’s not just laminate – it’s the best of both, but even better. Imagine a super-strong wood core, made from 80% wood, coupled with premium impregnation technology, making it 100% waterproof.

Where can I buy kiwi products?arrow-down

There are a few lucky key retailers (available soon) in different markets around the world.

How many decors does kiwi have?arrow-down

To make selection easier for our customers, I come in 6 versatile decors – something for everyone, every room, and every taste. These 6 super-natural and super-authentic decors bring that special kiwi something into any room:

• The strong choice 60KN10: My strong, solid structure makes me the ideal partner for rustic looks and more.

• The natural choice 40KN782: My neutral coloring makes me an amazing addition to any room, so I’m a good match for fans of nature.

• The robust choice 40KN542: I’m an all-rounder that adapts perfectly to all conditions – I’m the flooring for every occasion.

• The friendly choice 40KN792: I brighten up the room and can be used in a variety of ways.

• The universal choice 40KN522: I steal the show with my unique structure – even in dark-colored rooms.

• The refined choice 47KN63: I can quietly highlight any modern ambiance with subtle elegance.

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